About the Met Office College

Who we areThe Met Office has been providing meteorological tuition for more than 70 years and has earned a reputation for being a world-leading provider of weather and climate training.

Our extensive hands-on experience, in combination with scientific excellence, has led the Met Office College to welcome customers in industry and the public sector and staff from meteorological service providers and research bodies all over the world, onto its intense, vocational courses.

Whether you require professional weather forecaster or observer training, which conforms to the latest World Meteorological Organization (WMO) training and education guidelines; need to better understand and interpret weather information, or want to recognize the likely impacts of climate change, the Met Office College offers training that meets your needs. Our team of highly skilled staff can deliver courses at the Met Office College's excellent facilities in Exeter or a location chosen by you.

The Met Office College is developing a range of short, easy to use online courses which will all be available on this site. The courses will focus on the theory and practice of meteorology for observers, forecasters and for people who want to simply understand the weather better. We aim to present this information in a fun, interactive format that helps you learn at your pace from the comfort of your own home or workplace.

All courses will be taught in English. In order to ensure that students make the most of our courses, they must be able to understand, read and write in English at a high level. For students entering a foundation training programme, it may be possible to arrange training in English prior to the course.

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