Understanding the weatherUnderstanding the Weather

The Met Office College offers a wide variety of courses to help people who are affected by the weather, either through their work or leisure activities, understand more about what is happening and why. Our courses include:

Road operations - for road maintenance decision makers. The Weather Essentials, Weather in Practice and Weather basics for winter service decision makers courses explain the weather practically in relation to road operations.

General aviation - for light aircraft pilots of all levels of competence. The Meteorology for Aviators and Weather Decision Making for Pilots courses cover all aspects of aviation meteorology for the general aviation community. Click on the link below to book a place on one of these courses.

Commercial aviation - for airline and airport operations staff. Our courses help personnel better understand and interpret meteorological information.

Renewable energy - for industry professionals who need to better understand and interpret meteorological information so they can optimise operations and site safety.

For more information about these and other courses please go to www.metoffice.gov.uk/training or email moc.enquiries@metoffice.gov.uk

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