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The Met Office College provides a wide variety of courses in different areas of forecasting. All the courses conform to the World Meteorological Organisation training and education guidelines. A range of online courses and resources will soon be developed to complement our classroom courses. When ready, they will be available here on this site.

Our classroom courses include:

Foundation forecasting - for staff new to forecasting. The Initial Forecasting Course covers the synoptic meteorological knowledge and fundamental forecasting skills needed to forecast the weather.

Forecaster professional development (FPD) - for operational forecasting staff. The FPD modules cover both core and specialist skills such as Satellite Imagery Interpretation and Tropical Meteorology.

Advanced forecasting - for staff with three or more years of operational forecasting experience. The course aims to equip a forecaster with the necessary skills to operate at an advanced level within their organisation.

Aeronautical meteorological forecasting (AMF) - for aeronautical forecasters. The AMF course is designed to help operational staff improve their awareness and forecasting of aviation weather-impact variables.

For more details of these classroom courses please visit or email